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conntrackd: cthelper: ssdp: Track UPnP eventing
The UPnP Device Architecture spec provides a way for devices to connect back to control points, called "Eventing" (chapter 4). This sequence can look something like: 1) Outbound multicast M-SEARCH packet (dst: 1900/udp) - Create expectation for unicast reply from <any host> to source port 2) Inbound unicast reply (there may be several of these from different devices) - Find the device's URL, e.g. LOCATION: - Create expectation to track connections to this host:port (tcp) 3) Outbound connection to device's web server (there will be several of these) - Watch for a SUBSCRIBE request - Find the control point's callback URL, e.g. CALLBACK: <> - Create expectation to open up inbound connections to this host:port 4) Inbound connections to control point's web server - The device will send NOTIFY HTTP requests to inform the control point of new events. These can continue indefinitely. Each NOTIFY request arrives on a new TCP connection and may have a different source port. Add the necessary code to create expectations for each of these connections and rewrite the IP in the CALLBACK URL. Tested with and without NAT. Signed-off-by: Kevin Cernekee <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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--- a/doc/helper/conntrackd.conf
+++ b/doc/helper/conntrackd.conf
@@ -84,7 +84,15 @@ Helper {
QueueNum 5
QueueLen 10240
Policy ssdp {
- ExpectMax 1
+ ExpectMax 8
+ ExpectTimeout 300
+ }
+ }
+ Type ssdp inet tcp {
+ QueueNum 5
+ QueueLen 10240
+ Policy ssdp {
+ ExpectMax 8
ExpectTimeout 300