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+ Since last entry:
+ * fixed a few reported bugs
+ * ebt_among --among-dst-file and --among-src-file: allow
+ the list to be given in a file (circumvents command line max.
+ line length
+ * ebt_nat --snat-arp: if it's an arp packet, also change the source
+ address in the arp header
+ * ebt_mark --mark-or, --mark-xor, --mark-and
Since last entry:
* ebtables modules are now located in /usr/lib/ebtables/
* added '/sbin/service ebtables' support
* added ebtables-save (thanks to Rok Papez <>)
and ebtables-restore (the first one a perl script, the second
- one written in c (fast)
+ one written in c (fast))
* optimized the code for the '-A' command, making ebtables-restore
very fast.
* ebtablesd/ebtablesu is deprecated and not compiled by default