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* Disable extra warning flagsJozsef Kadlecsik2009-02-101-0/+8
| | | | | In order to disable the extra warning flags, NO_EXTRA_WARN_FLAGS variable added to userspace Makefile.
* Compatibility cleanup release: kernels >= 2.6.16 and 2.4.36.x are supported./C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Jozsef Kadlecsik/emailAddress=kadlec@blackhole.kfki.hu2008-07-191-4/+4
* Support statically linked kernel - no need for pom-ng anymore for ipset at all./C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Jozsef Kadlecsik/emailAddress=kadlec@blackhole.kfki.hu2008-07-031-1/+23
* Initial ipset release with kernel modules included./C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Jozsef Kadlecsik/emailAddress=kadlec@blackhole.kfki.hu2008-07-021-0/+25