path: root/kernel/net/netfilter/ipset/ip_set_hash_netiface.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* netfilter: ipset: fix netiface set name overflowFlorian Westphal2012-11-221-1/+1
* Support to match elements marked with "nomatch" in hash:*net* setsJozsef Kadlecsik2012-09-211-5/+6
* Include supported revisions in module descriptionJozsef Kadlecsik2012-09-111-4/+7
* Add /0 network support to hash:net,iface typeJozsef Kadlecsik2012-09-101-23/+21
* netfilter: ipset: hash:net,iface: fix interface comparisonFlorian Westphal2012-06-191-28/+4
* ipset: Stop using NLA_PUT*().David S. Miller2012-05-101-24/+28
* Fix hash size checking in kernelJozsef Kadlecsik2012-05-061-3/+7
* Sparse warnings "incorrect type in assignment" fixedJozsef Kadlecsik2012-05-041-2/+2
* Exceptions support added to hash:*net* typesJozsef Kadlecsik2012-01-131-13/+59
* ipset: use NFPROTO_ constantsJan Engelhardt2011-08-311-6/+6
* hash:net,iface fixed to handle overlapping nets behind different interfacesJozsef Kadlecsik2011-07-081-8/+32
* Whitespace and coding fixes detected by checkpatch.plJozsef Kadlecsik2011-05-311-13/+13
* hash:net,iface type introducedJozsef Kadlecsik2011-05-301-0/+762