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+This target provides userspace logging of matching packets. When this
+target is set for a rule, the Linux kernel will multicast this packet
+through a
+.IR netlink
+socket. One or more userspace processes may then subscribe to various
+multicast groups and receive the packets.
+Like LOG, this is a "non-terminating target", i.e. rule traversal
+continues at the next rule.
+.BI "--ulog-nlgroup " "nlgroup"
+This specifies the netlink group (1-32) to which the packet is sent.
+Default value is 1.
+.BI "--ulog-prefix " "prefix"
+Prefix log messages with the specified prefix; up to 32 characters
+long, and useful for distinguishing messages in the logs.
+.BI "--ulog-cprange " "size"
+Number of bytes to be copied to userspace. A value of 0 always copies
+the entire packet, regardless of its size. Default is 0.
+.BI "--ulog-qthreshold " "size"
+Number of packet to queue inside kernel. Setting this value to, e.g. 10
+accumulates ten packets inside the kernel and transmits them as one
+netlink multipart message to userspace. Default is 1 (for backwards