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+A quick list of rules for committing stuff into netfilter cvs:
+- Always include the Name of the Author/Contributor in the CVS comment
+ like 'fix for foo (Au Thor)'
+- make sure that you have set the executable bits on an 'extensions/.*-test'
+ script before adding/committing it to CVS
+- If the commit fixes a bugzilla bug, please include '(Closes: #bugnr)' in
+ the commit message
+- Make sure you don't commit to CVS while a feature freeze is announced
+- For new extensions, there are two possible cases:
+ 1) header files are just in patch-o-matic patch, you need an
+ 'extensions/.*-test' script to have a conditional build
+ 2) header files are in patch-o-matic patch, and copied to
+ 'netfilter/include/linux/netfilter_xxx'. This way the extension
+ can be built _unconditionally_, and thus be included in
+ 'extensions/Makefile'. Make sure to keep the headers in sync!
+ Usually '1)' is used, but in case something is expected to show up in the
+ kernel soon, we should already make userspace support unconditionally.