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@@ -864,8 +864,9 @@ The type given can be
.BR icmp-host-unreachable ,
.BR icmp-port-unreachable ,
.BR icmp-proto-unreachable ,
-.BR "icmp-net-prohibited or"
-.BR icmp-host-prohibited ,
+.BR icmp-net-prohibited ,
+.BR "icmp-host-prohibited or"
+.BR "icmp-admin-prohibited (*)"
which return the appropriate ICMP error message (\fBport-unreachable\fP is
the default). The option
.B tcp-reset
@@ -874,6 +875,8 @@ TCP RST packet to be sent back. This is mainly useful for blocking
.I ident
(113/tcp) probes which frequently occur when sending mail to broken mail
hosts (which won't accept your mail otherwise).
+(*) Using icmp-admin-prohibited with kernels that do not support it will result in a plain DROP instead of REJECT
This target is only valid in the
.B nat