path: root/extensions/libipt_SAME.c
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* globally replace NETFILTER_VERSION with IPTABLES_VERSION to have consistent n...laforge2002-05-291-2/+2
* Fix 'iptables -p !' bug (segfault when `!' used without argument)laforge2002-03-141-1/+1
* second part of SAME patch which I missed to commit :(laforge2001-08-261-30/+53
* - added patch to support statically linking of iptableslaforge2001-08-061-0/+1
* SAME patch update (add --nodst option)laforge2001-07-281-15/+49
* updated SAME matchlaforge2001-03-251-6/+7
* New SAME nat target added. (contrib by Martin Josefsson)laforge2001-02-191-0/+151