path: root/extensions/libipt_recent.c
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* Fix libipt_recent.c save() (Sven Strickroth)gandalf2003-06-011-4/+5
* add ipt_recent version 0.3.1 to CVSlaforge2003-04-141-33/+36
* fix a compiler warninglaforge2003-03-301-0/+11
* 'recent' match update by Stephen Frost:laforge2003-03-031-17/+18
* version 0.2.1 of ipt_recent patch (stephen frost)laforge2002-06-211-9/+27
* fix all compile warnings within iptables extensions (fabrice)laforge2002-06-141-1/+1
* globally replace NETFILTER_VERSION with IPTABLES_VERSION to have consistent n...laforge2002-05-291-2/+2
* Fix 'iptables -p !' bug (segfault when `!' used without argument)laforge2002-03-141-4/+4
* recent patch update by stephen frostlaforge2002-02-041-4/+29
* add new recent match to patch-o-matic (Stephen Frost)laforge2001-11-081-0/+178