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+Turn on kernel logging of matching packets. When this option is set
+for a rule, the Linux kernel will print some information on all
+matching packets (like most IPv6 IPv6-header fields) via the kernel log
+(where it can be read with
+.I dmesg
+.IR syslogd (8)).
+This is a "non-terminating target", i.e. rule traversal continues at
+the next rule. So if you want to LOG the packets you refuse, use two
+separate rules with the same matching criteria, first using target LOG
+then DROP (or REJECT).
+.BI "--log-level " "level"
+Level of logging (numeric or see \fIsyslog.conf\fP(5)).
+.BI "--log-prefix " "prefix"
+Prefix log messages with the specified prefix; up to 29 letters long,
+and useful for distinguishing messages in the logs.
+.B --log-tcp-sequence
+Log TCP sequence numbers. This is a security risk if the log is
+readable by users.
+.B --log-tcp-options
+Log options from the TCP packet header.
+.B --log-ip-options
+Log options from the IPv6 packet header.