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authorJan Engelhardt <>2009-07-23 17:41:21 +0200
committerJan Engelhardt <>2009-07-25 21:40:56 +0200
commitb79ec69027fd8b65e7eccd78a445b6665e8ad53b (patch)
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build: combine iptables-multi and iptables-static
Changed the Makefile so that: 1. --enable-shared / --disable-shared control the linkage against libdl (and thus the potential to use 3rd party extensions) 2. --enable-static / --disable-static controls whether shipped extensions are built-in or provided as modules iptables-static becomes redundant by this action; iptables-multi now has the feature. Signed-off-by: Jan Engelhardt <>
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diff --git a/extensions/ b/extensions/
index e1f1f494..709366a1 100644
--- a/extensions/
+++ b/extensions/
@@ -56,8 +56,8 @@ targets := libext4.a libext6.a \
targets_install :=
@ENABLE_STATIC_TRUE@ libext4_objs := ${pfx_objs} ${pf4_objs}
@ENABLE_STATIC_TRUE@ libext6_objs := ${pfx_objs} ${pf6_objs}
-@ENABLE_SHARED_TRUE@ targets += ${pfx_solibs} ${pf4_solibs} ${pf6_solibs}
-@ENABLE_SHARED_TRUE@ targets_install += ${pfx_solibs} ${pf4_solibs} ${pf6_solibs}
+@ENABLE_STATIC_FALSE@ targets += ${pfx_solibs} ${pf4_solibs} ${pf6_solibs}
+@ENABLE_STATIC_FALSE@ targets_install += ${pfx_solibs} ${pf4_solibs} ${pf6_solibs}