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--- a/extensions/libxt_osf.c
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@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ static void osf_help(void)
"--ttl level Use some TTL check extensions to determine OS:\n"
" 0 true ip and fingerprint TTL comparison. Works for LAN.\n"
" 1 check if ip TTL is less than fingerprint one. Works for global addresses.\n"
- " 2 do not compare TTL at all. Allows to detect NMAP, but can produce false results.\n"
+ " 2 do not compare TTL at all. This allows NMAP detection, but can produce false results.\n"
"--log level Log determined genres into dmesg even if they do not match desired one:\n"
" 0 log all matched or unknown signatures.\n"
" 1 log only first one.\n"