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-Infrastructure libnfnetlink / libctnetlink
+libnfnetlink - userspace library for handling of netfilter netlink messages
+(C) 2001-2005 Netfilter Core Team <>
-- provides low layer communications between netlink socket and high layer
- library
-- provides generic functions to create and parse nf_attr's
-- hides all details of netlink socket
-- provides open/close/receive/listen functions only to be used by other
- libraries (libctnetlink/libpkttnetlink/...)
+What is nfnetlink?
+nfnetlink is a netlink(7) based kernel/userspace transport layer. It
+provides a unified kernel/userspace interface for the various netfilter
-- provides high layer interface for applications interfacing with conntrack
- kernel code
-- event messages (to be implemented)
-- reading and deleting ip_conntrack's
-- reading, deleting and creating ip_conntrack_expect's
+What is libnfnetlink?
+libnfnetlink is a userspace library that provides some low-level
+nfnetlink handling functions. It is used as a foundation for other, netfilter
+subsystem specific libraries such as libnfnetlink_conntrack, libnfnetlink_log
+and libnfnetlink_queue.
+Where can I find documentation?
-Layout of nfnetlink data packet
+At the moment, you will have to RTFS. Sorry, but we have barely anough
+manpower to keep development ongoing. If you want to conribute documentation,
+please contact us.
-struct nlmsghdr - netlink internal
-struct nfgenmsg - information about
+It has bugs. Where do I report them?
+Please report all libnfnetlink bugs to, using
+the "libnfnetlink" Product.
+Where do I get support?
+The and
+mailinglists server as support forum.