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udata: add TLV user data infrastructure
These functions allow to create a buffer (struct nftnl_udata_buf) of user data attributes in TLV format (struct nftnl_udata). It is inspired by libmnl/src/attr.c. It can be used to store several TLVs sequentially into an object. Example: struct nftnl_udata_buf *buf; struct nftnl_udata *attr; const char *str = "Hello World!"; buf = nftnl_udata_buf_alloc(UDATA_SIZE); if (!buf) { perror("OOM"); exit(EXIT_FAILURE); } if (!nftnl_udata_put_strz(buf, MY_TYPE, str)) { perror("Can't put attribute \"%s\"", str); exit(EXIT_FAILURE); } nftnl_udata_for_each(buf, attr) printf("%s\n", (char *)nftnl_udata_attr_value(attr)); nftnl_udata_buf_free(buf); Signed-off-by: Carlos Falgueras García <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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set.h \
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common.h \
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