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* src: do not nul-terminate internal helper functionsPablo Neira Ayuso2017-10-041-3/+0
* src: no need to nul-terminate buffer for nftnl_fprintf() callsPablo Neira Ayuso2017-10-041-3/+0
* src: Buffer is null terminated.Varsha Rao2017-09-271-0/+9
* src: Change parameters of SNPRINTF_BUFFER_SIZE macro.Varsha Rao2017-09-271-8/+8
* src: get rid of aliases and compatPablo Neira Ayuso2016-12-201-30/+30
* src: remove libmxml supportArturo Borrero2016-09-231-52/+1
* src: Avoid returning uninitialized dataPhil Sutter2016-08-121-1/+1
* src: Constify iteratorsCarlos Falgueras García2016-08-101-3/+4
* src: Fix nftnl_*_get_data() to return the real attribute lengthCarlos Falgueras García2016-07-111-0/+1
* src: Fix missing nul-termination in nftnl_*_set_str()Carlos Falgueras García2016-07-061-1/+1
* src: check for flags before releasing attributesPablo Neira Ayuso2016-06-151-2/+3
* src: simplify unsettersPablo Neira Ayuso2016-06-151-4/+1
* src: check for strdup() errors from setters and parsersPablo Neira Ayuso2016-06-151-0/+2
* src: return value on setters that internally allocate memoryPablo Neira Ayuso2016-06-151-4/+7
* src: assert when setting unknown attributesPablo Neira Ayuso2016-06-151-3/+1
* src: remove unnecessary inline in _snprintf functionsPablo Neira Ayuso2016-05-091-3/+2
* libnftnl: constify object arguments to various functionsPatrick McHardy2016-05-091-21/+23
* src: rename EXPORT_SYMBOL to EXPORT_SYMBOL_ALIASFlorian Westphal2015-11-241-30/+30
* src: get rid of _attr_ infix in new nftnl_ definitionsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-42/+42
* src: get rid of _ATTR_ infix in new nfntl_ definitionsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-35/+35
* src: rename existing functions to use the nftnl_ prefixPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-158/+158
* src: introduce nftnl_* aliases for all existing functionsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-021-30/+30
* src: fix memory leaks at nft_[object]_nlmsg_parseCarlos Falgueras García2015-08-181-0/+1
* chain: add netdev family supportPablo Neira Ayuso2015-06-161-35/+2
* table: add netdev family supportPablo Neira Ayuso2015-05-291-2/+35
* src: add command tag in JSON/XML export supportAlvaro Neira Ayuso2015-02-101-6/+15
* src: don't create iterator with empty listAlvaro Neira2015-01-151-1/+7
* src: consolidate XML/JSON exportationPablo Neira Ayuso2014-11-101-69/+17
* src: stricter netlink attribute length validationPablo Neira Ayuso2014-07-201-13/+4
* table: Do not print unset values in json fileAna Rey2014-06-301-22/+42
* table: Do not print unset values in xml fileAna Rey2014-06-301-13/+34
* table: Add set, unset and parse implementation for the use attributeAna Rey2014-06-301-6/+12
* table: Use nft_table_attr_set_* in the xml functionsAna Rey2014-06-301-13/+5
* table: Free memory in the same function that is reservedAna Rey2014-06-301-8/+9
* src: add flag to add event wrapping in output functionsArturo Borrero2014-04-261-5/+18
* src: fix bogus assertion for unset attributesPablo Neira Ayuso2014-04-071-1/+1
* src: check if netlink parsing failsArturo Borrero2014-02-271-1/+3
* src: fix wrong type in NFT_ATTR_*_FAMILYPablo Neira Ayuso2014-02-271-4/+4
* src: add nft_*_attr_{set|get}_data interfacePablo Neira Ayuso2014-02-271-5/+30
* src: early attribute type validation in nft_*_attr_setPablo Neira Ayuso2014-02-271-5/+6
* Merge branch 'master' into next-3.14Pablo Neira Ayuso2014-02-031-20/+44
| * rename library to libnftnllibnftnl-1.0.0Pablo Neira Ayuso2014-01-201-1/+1
| * src: add interface to parse from fileArturo Borrero2014-01-091-0/+7
| * src: rework and generalize the build/parse systemArturo Borrero2014-01-091-10/+19
| * src: new error reporting approach for XML/JSON parsersÁlvaro Neira Ayuso2014-01-061-18/+26
* | table: Add support for NFTA_TABLE_USE attributeTomasz Bursztyka2013-12-171-6/+29
* src: consolidate netlink build header functionPablo Neira Ayuso2013-11-241-21/+0
* table/chain: add u8 setter and getter for family valuesAna Rey2013-11-201-0/+13
* src: unify parse and output typesÁlvaro Neira Ayuso2013-11-141-6/+6
* src: add fprintf API functionsArturo Borrero2013-11-031-0/+13