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This patch bootstrap the new nft-sync software. Basically, this software aims to support two different setups: 1) Rule-set repository server. The software serves the nft rule-set to clients that request the ruleset. Basically from the system that acts as repository, you have to run: # nft-sync -c ../contrib/nft-sync.conf.server Then, from the client: # nft-sync -c ../contrib/nft-sync.conf.client --fetch Which displays the nft rule-set in the standard output, so you can inspect the nft rule-set. Alternatively, the client can also retrieve and apply the nft rule-set using the pull command instead: # nft-sync -c ../contrib/nft-sync.conf.client --pull [ Note that this command above does not work in this bootstrap yet ] 2) Rule-set synchronization: In case of primary-backup and multiprimary firewall configurations, the software makes sure that the firewall cluster is deploying the same filtering policy. In this case, you have to launch the process: # nft-sync -c ../contrib/nft-sync.conf --sync [ Note that this command above does not work in this bootstrap yet ] This bootstrap provides the basic infrastructure as a proof-of-concept. Many of the necessary features are still lacking: * Implement --sync and --pull commands. * Interaction with nft through libnftnl, which allows the software to retrieve the local nft rule-set, as well as to parse it and apply it. * SSL support, specifically the repository mode needs it to make sure nobody can steal your filtering policy from the network. * IPv6 support. * Allow to serve different rule-sets in the repository mode. And many others that will be added progressively. Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>