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- data-types.txt: "user space" -> userspace to match usage in statements.txt & data-types.txt - nft.txt: "an user-defined" sounds odd to a native English speaker (trust me) so change to "a user-defined" These patches are applied on top of Máté's previous 2, but apply fine without them (2 occurrences of "offset -5 lines"). Signed-off-by: Duncan Roe <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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-The boolean type is a syntactical helper type in user space. It's use is in the
+The boolean type is a syntactical helper type in userspace. It's use is in the
right-hand side of a (typically implicit) relational expression to change the
expression on the left-hand side into a boolean check (usually for existence). +