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doc: Changes following detailed comparison with last XML version
These were found by a combination of tkdiff and side-by-side man pages Most changes preserve or (occasionally) fix highlighting, casing or plurality. No major omissions were found. - data-types.txt: (Nothing special) - nft.txt: -- changed "`nft' stands for Netfilter" back to "`nf' stands for Netfilter" -- removed mysterious plus sign - payload-expression.txt: -- XML had MTU as 16-bit so changed back from 32. Is that correct? - primary-expression.txt: (Nothing special) - statements.txt: (Nothing special) This patch does not address any of the following observations: 1. Title has changed from nft to NFT 2. There is no attempt at justification. 3. There is no attempt at hyphenation. 4. Long lines of code now wrap instead of indenting nicely. See e.g. "tcp option" line under EXTENSION HEADER EXPRESSIONS 5. Tables have a lot of empty lines in them. 6. Occasionally there is severe wrapping, e.g. under CHAINS see add/create/delete/&c. which wrap at about cc40. Signed-off-by: Duncan Roe <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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-The bitmask type (bitmask) is used for bitmasks.
+The bitmask type (*bitmask*) is used for bitmasks.