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doc: fib: explain example in more detail
As noted by Felix Dreissig, fib documentation is quite terse, so explain the 'saddr . iif' example with a few more words. Closes: Signed-off-by: Florian Westphal <>
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# drop packets without a reverse path
filter prerouting fib saddr . iif oif missing drop
+In this example, 'saddr . iif' looks up routing information based on the source address and the input interface.
+oif picks the output interface index from the routing information.
+If no route was found for the source address/input interface combination, the output interface index is zero.
+In case the input interface is specified as part of the input key, the output interface index is always the same as the input interface index or zero.
+If only 'saddr oif' is given, then oif can be any interface index or zero.
# drop packets to address not configured on ininterface
filter prerouting fib daddr . iif type != { local, broadcast, multicast } drop