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tests: py: allow to specify sets with a timeout
Not usable yet, as the set timeout netlink output isn't captured so far, but it adds groundwork to add this as a follow-up. Set definition syntax changes a little, if you want to add multiple elements they now have to be separated by "," just like in nftables. Signed-off-by: Florian Westphal <>
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+:input;type filter hook input priority 0
+:ingress;type filter hook ingress device lo priority 0
+!set1 type ipv4_addr timeout 60s;ok
+?set1 timeout 30s,;ok
+!set2 type ipv6_addr timeout 23d23h59m59s;ok
+?set2 dead::beef timeout 1s;ok
+ip saddr @set1 drop;ok
+ip saddr != @set2 drop;fail
+ip6 daddr != @set2 accept;ok
+ip6 daddr @set1 drop;fail