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@@ -21,10 +21,6 @@ void nft_ctx_set_dry_run(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*, bool* 'dry'*);
unsigned int nft_ctx_output_get_flags(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
void nft_ctx_output_set_flags(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*, unsigned int* 'flags'*);
-enum nft_numeric_level nft_ctx_output_get_numeric(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
-void nft_ctx_output_set_numeric(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*,
- enum nft_numeric_level* 'level'*);
unsigned int nft_ctx_output_get_debug(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
void nft_ctx_output_set_debug(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*, unsigned int* 'mask'*);
@@ -125,37 +121,10 @@ NFT_CTX_OUTPUT_NUMERIC_PROTO::
Display layer 4 protocol numerically.
Display base chain priority numerically.
-=== nft_ctx_output_get_numeric() and nft_ctx_output_set_numeric()
-These functions allow control over value representation in library output.
-For instance, port numbers by default are printed by their name (as listed in '/etc/services' file), if known.
-In libnftables, numeric output is leveled, defined as such:
-enum nft_numeric_level {
-Each numeric level includes all previous ones:
- No conversion into numeric format happens, this is the default.
- Network addresses are always converted into numeric format.
- Network services are always converted into numeric format.
- Everything is converted into numeric format.
-The default numeric level is *NFT_NUMERIC_NONE*.
-The *nft_ctx_output_get_numeric*() function returns the numeric output setting's value contained in 'ctx'.
-The *nft_ctx_output_set_numeric*() function sets the numeric output setting in 'ctx' to the value of 'level'.
+ Display expression datatype as numeric value.
+ Display all numerically.
=== nft_ctx_output_get_debug() and nft_ctx_output_set_debug()
Libnftables supports separate debugging of different parts of its internals.