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@@ -18,6 +18,9 @@ void nft_ctx_free(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
bool nft_ctx_get_dry_run(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
void nft_ctx_set_dry_run(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*, bool* 'dry'*);
+unsigned int nft_ctx_output_get_flags(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
+void nft_ctx_output_set_flags(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*, unsigned int* 'flags'*);
enum nft_numeric_level nft_ctx_output_get_numeric(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
void nft_ctx_output_set_numeric(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*,
enum nft_numeric_level* 'level'*);
@@ -25,9 +28,6 @@ void nft_ctx_output_set_numeric(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*,
bool nft_ctx_output_get_stateless(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
void nft_ctx_output_set_stateless(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*, bool* 'val'*);
-enum nft_literal_level nft_ctx_output_get_literal(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
-void nft_ctx_output_set_literal(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*, bool* 'val'*);
unsigned int nft_ctx_output_get_debug(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*);
void nft_ctx_output_set_debug(struct nft_ctx* '\*ctx'*, unsigned int* 'mask'*);
@@ -91,6 +91,25 @@ The *nft_ctx_get_dry_run*() function returns the dry-run setting's value contain
The *nft_ctx_set_dry_run*() function sets the dry-run setting in 'ctx' to the value of 'dry'.
+=== nft_ctx_output_get_flags() and nft_ctx_output_set_flags()
+The flags setting controls the output format.
+enum {
+ Reverse DNS lookups are performed for IP addresses when printing. Note that this may add significant delay to *list* commands depending on DNS resolver speed.
+ Print port numbers as services as described in the /etc/services file.
+The *nft_ctx_output_get_flags*() function returns the output flags setting's value in 'ctx'.
+The *nft_ctx_output_set_flags*() function sets the output flags setting in 'ctx' to the value of 'val'.
=== nft_ctx_output_get_numeric() and nft_ctx_output_set_numeric()
These functions allow control over value representation in library output.
For instance, port numbers by default are printed by their name (as listed in '/etc/services' file), if known.
@@ -133,15 +152,6 @@ The *nft_ctx_output_get_stateless*() function returns the stateless output setti
The *nft_ctx_output_set_stateless*() function sets the stateless output setting in 'ctx' to the value of 'val'.
-=== nft_ctx_output_get_literal() and nft_ctx_output_set_literal()
-The literal setting controls whether reverse DNS lookups are performed for IP addresses when printing them.
-Note that this may add significant delay to *list* commands depending on DNS resolver speed.
-The default setting is *NFT_LITERAL_NONE*.
-The *nft_ctx_output_get_literal*() function returns the literal output setting's value in 'ctx'.
-The *nft_ctx_output_set_literal*() function sets the literal output setting in 'ctx' to the value of 'val'.
=== nft_ctx_output_get_debug() and nft_ctx_output_set_debug()
Libnftables supports separate debugging of different parts of its internals.
To facilitate this, debugging output is controlled via a bit mask.
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--- a/doc/nft.txt
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ nft - Administration tool of the nftables framework for packet filtering and cla
-*nft* [ *-nNscae* ] [ *-I* 'directory' ] [ *-f* 'filename' | *-i* | 'cmd' ...]
+*nft* [ *-nNscaeS* ] [ *-I* 'directory' ] [ *-f* 'filename' | *-i* | 'cmd' ...]
*nft* *-h*
*nft* *-v*
@@ -43,13 +43,14 @@ For a full summary of options, run *nft --help*.
Omit stateful information of rules and stateful objects.
- Translate numeric to literal. When used once (the default
- behaviour), print services (instead of numerical port numbers). Use
- twice to perform the IP address to name lookup, this usually
- requires network traffic for DNS lookup that slows down the
- ruleset listing.
+ Translate IP address to names via reverse DNS lookup. This may slow down
+ your listing since it generates network traffic.
+ Translate ports to service names as defined by /etc/services.