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* files: add example secmark configChristian Göttsche2019-11-252-0/+88
* files: Drop shebangs from config filesPhil Sutter2019-11-1915-33/+2
* files: Install sample scripts from files/examplesPhil Sutter2019-11-192-0/+5
* files: Add inet family nat configPhil Sutter2019-07-043-0/+10
* files: Move netdev-ingress.nft to /etc/nftables as wellPhil Sutter2019-07-032-2/+3
* files: pf.os: merge the signatures splitted by versionFernando Fernandez Mancera2019-04-081-26/+14
* files: osf: update pf.os with newer OS fingerprintsFernando Fernandez Mancera2019-04-081-0/+6
* files: osf: copy iptables/utils/pf.os into nftables treeFernando Fernandez Mancera2018-08-234-2/+714
* files: restore base table skeletonsFlorian Westphal2018-05-0814-13/+34
* files: add load balance exampleArturo Borrero Gonzalez2018-02-251-0/+54
* examples: add ct helper examplesArturo Borrero Gonzalez2018-02-251-0/+43
* nftables: rearrange files and examplesArturo Borrero Gonzalez2018-02-2516-32/+55
* files: add arp filter and add in/output to nat skeletonFlorian Westphal2017-08-234-5/+16
* files: provide 'raw' table equivalentFlorian Westphal2017-03-153-1/+15
* examples: use current type namesFlorian Westphal2016-02-251-5/+5
* build: add autotools support for the 'files' subdirGiorgio Dal Molin2014-11-1211-13/+22
* files: add inet filter table definitionPatrick McHardy2014-02-051-0/+7
* src: use ':' instead of '=>' in dictionariesPablo Neira Ayuso2014-01-161-4/+4
* files: replace interpreter during installationArturo Borrero Gonzalez2014-01-131-0/+1
* nftables: drop hard coded install using root user owner and groupKevin Fenzi2014-01-131-1/+1
* examples: adjust new chain type syntax in sets_and_maps filePhil Oester2013-11-301-1/+1
* Update chain creation format.Eric Leblond2013-09-177-19/+23
* Suppress non working examples.Eric Leblond2013-09-174-26/+0
* add bridge filter table definitionsPatrick McHardy2010-07-061-0/+7
* add support for new set API and standalone setsPatrick McHardy2009-07-281-0/+53
* templates: add IPv6 raw table templatePatrick McHardy2009-03-181-0/+6
* Initial commitv0.01-alpha1Patrick McHardy2009-03-188-0/+56