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* src: get rid of printfPhil Sutter2017-09-291-7/+8
* exthdr: Simplify tcp option printing a bitPhil Sutter2017-09-291-8/+4
* src: add tcp options set supportFlorian Westphal2017-08-221-0/+25
* exhtdr: pacify compiler warningFlorian Westphal2017-07-131-1/+1
* include: Remove datatype_register().Varsha Rao2017-06-301-6/+1
* src: Pass stateless, numeric, ip2name and handle variables as structure members.Varsha Rao2017-06-181-1/+1
* exthdr: avoid crash with older kernelsFlorian Westphal2017-04-081-16/+21
* exthdr: Implement existence checkPhil Sutter2017-03-101-4/+24
* exthdr: Add support for exthdr specific flagsPhil Sutter2017-03-101-4/+7
* src: revisit tcp options supportPablo Neira Ayuso2017-02-281-1/+1
* src: add TCP option matchingManuel Messner2017-02-121-3/+28
* exthdr: prepare for tcp supportManuel Messner2017-02-121-2/+3
* expression: Show the base which pre-defined constants are displayedElise Lennion2016-12-201-0/+1
* netlink_delinearize: handle extension header templates with odd sizesFlorian Westphal2016-03-021-0/+31
* exthdr: store offset for later useFlorian Westphal2016-03-021-0/+2
* src: add specific byteorder to the struct proto_hdr_templateAlvaro Neira Ayuso2014-09-171-1/+5
* expr: add comparison function for singleton expressionsPatrick McHardy2014-03-071-0/+7
* nftables: generic procotol contextsPatrick McHardy2014-01-081-13/+13
* datatype: add/move size and byte order information into data typesPatrick McHardy2009-03-311-2/+2
* datatype: maintain table of all datatypes and add registration/lookup functionPatrick McHardy2009-03-311-1/+7
* expr: add support for cloning expressionsPatrick McHardy2009-03-201-0/+7
* Initial commitv0.01-alpha1Patrick McHardy2009-03-181-0/+238