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-<!-- $Id$ -->
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<title>ULOGD - the Userspace Logging Daemon</title>
<author>Harald Welte &lt;</author>
-<date>Revision $Revision$, $Date$</date>
+<date>Revision $Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2000/11/20 11:43:22 $</date>
This is the documentation for <tt>ulogd</tt>, the Userspace logging daemon.
@@ -96,9 +96,9 @@ in the userspace directory of netfilter CVS.
Download the ulogd package from <URL URL=""> and
untar it.
-Run './configure' and 'make install'.
+If you want to build ulogd with MySQL support, type './configure --with-mysql'. You may also have to specify the path of the mysql libraries using '--with-mysql=path'. To build ulogd without MySQL support, just use './configure'.
-Copy the configuration file 'ulogd.conf' to /etc
+To compile and install the program, call 'make install'.
<sect2>Using a precompiled package