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Documentation: information about procedure variable.
This patch documents the "procedure" option in the database plugin configurations.
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<title>ULOGD 2.x - the Netfilter Userspace Logging Daemon</title>
<author>Harald Welte &lt;, Eric Leblond &lt;</author>
-<date>Revision 2008/09/03</date>
+<date>Revision 2009/04/18</date>
This is the documentation for <tt>ulogd-2.x</tt>, the second generation
@@ -464,6 +464,14 @@ Name of the table which ulogd will use to build arguments list.
Stored procedure that will be run with the argument specified in the
table variable.
+Behaviour of the procedure option can be twitted by using specific name.
+If procedure name is:
+<item>"INSERT": A classic INSERT SQL query is done in the table pointed by the
+ "table" variable.</item>
+<item>start with "INSERT ": Configuration has to specify the start of the INSERT query that will be used. For example,
+a typical value is "INSERT INTO ulog2".</item>
Name of the mysql database.