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-Version 2.00alpha (2004-Oct-03)
-- Total re-work. ulogd2 is almost unrelated to the ULOG netfilter target.
- Instead, it has become a generic logging framework for anything from
- firewall logs, flow-based accounting to kernel network performance
- statistics.
-Version 1.23 (2005-04-18)
-- Add supprt for ulogd logging in syslog (the daemon log, not packet log)
-Version 1.22 (2005-03-07)
-- Fix postgresql endless loop (Jani Averbach)
-- Add postgrsql schema support (Bob Hockney)
-Version 1.21 (2005-02-16)
-- Fix compilation on certain gcc versions (Roberto Nibali)
-- Fix --log-ip-as-string for mysql, pgsql and sqlite3 (Jani Averbach)
-Version 1.20 (2005-02-12)
-- Add SQLITE3 Plugin
-- Add 'port' option (for tcp port number) to mysql and postgresql plugins
-- Cosmetic changes (c99 initializers, coding style)
-Version 1.10 (2003-Oct-xx)
-- Change format of configuration file. Now every plugin has it's own section
- in the config file, making the whole parsing procedure easier - and
- eliminating multiple loading of .so plugins. (Magnus Boden)
-- Make the config file format completely syntax compatible with .ini style files
-- Add a new 'SYSLOG' plugin for real syslogging
-Version 1.02 (2003-Oct-08)
-- fix printout of time information in ulogd_LOGEMU.c
-Version 1.01 (2003-Aug-23)
-- use $(LD) macro in order to provide cross-compiling/linking support
-- add 'rmem' configuration key to set the netlink socket rmem buffsize
-- don't use kernel header files for IP/TCP header definitions
-- various cosmetic cleanup to compile with -Wall
-- fix usage of libmysqlclient: call mysql_init() before mysql_real_connect
-- don't have LOGEMU read the system time, does this already
-Version 1.00 (2003-Mar-06)
-- update documentation to reflect recent additions
-- renamed LOCALTIME plugin to LOCAL plugin, since it now also returns
- the hostname
-- cleanup #include statements
-- tcp.window is a 16bit value
-- always return tcp flags, even if they are not set [to not cause NULL entries
- in the database table
-- cosmetic fixes to acommodate most compiler warnings
-- moved location of conffile.h and ulog.h
-- big update to ulogd_PGSQL.c
-- more verbose error reporting when unable to load plugin
-- print usage information
-- add '--configfile' directive to allow multiple instances with multiple
- configfiles
-Version 0.98
-- Fix MAC address printing if there is none (by Andrej Ota)
-- Add PostgreSQL support by Jakab Laszlo
-- Add Version Number (-V) commandline option
-- Make MYBUFSIZ a runtime config directive (Bogdan Dobrota)
-- Fix daemonize function (call setsid() and close stdin)
-- Add ulogd_PCAP output plugin (to use ethereal/tcpdump/... on the logs)
-- Update documentation to reflect kernel inclusion of ipt_ULOG module
-- Add ulogd_LOCALTIME 'interpreter' for providing the timestamp at the
- time of logging (Florent Aide)
-- Fix ulogd_LOGEMU 'PROTO=' printing in case of unknown l4 protocol
-- Add support for non-forking mode and logging to stderr (Alessandro Bono)
-Version 0.97
-- added error handling after ipulog_read() to prevent endless loops
-Version 0.96
-- support for old mysql versions (Alexander Janssen)
-- support for dotted-quad IP addresses in MySQL (Alexander Janssen)
-- added support for synchronous write to LOGEMU (Michael Stolovitzsky)
-- autoconf now checks for mysql .so libraries instead of static .a
-- autoconf now includes /usr/src/linux/include, because most distros
- now have a glibc-provided /usr/include/linux :(
-- removed ./configure from CVS tree as it may cause inconsistencies
-- better commented example configuration file
-- Makefiles now know DESTDIR (for RPM packaging)
-- documentation now built at release-time, not compile time
-- support for logfile-rotating, using new SIGHUP handler
-Version 0.95
-- libipulog problems of 0.94 fixed
-- 1.0 now really soon
-Version 0.94
-- fixed stupid build problem because of missing libipulog
- (i'll never try to be intelligent again ;))
-Version 0.93
-- fixes logfile bug: wrong filename and line numbers printed
-- fixes config file parsing, new generic get_word() in conffile.c
-- fixes bug in ulogd_LOGEMU.c on big-endian systems
-- fixes segfault when packet received but no interpreters registered
- (reported by Drori Ghiora)
-- sigterm handler installed for clean shutdown
-- logfile now fflush()ed after each line printed
-- ulogd_LOGEMU now prints date and hostname, just as syslog does
-Version 0.92
-- fixes libipulog loop-bug (reported by Drori Ghiora)
-Version 0.91
-- changes for new kernel ULOG. Includes support for multilink netlink
- messages.
-Version 0.9
-- configuration file routines
-- plugins are able to register new configfile keys
-- new MYSQL output plugin
-- new syslog compatibility output plugin
-Version 0.3
-- new PWSNIFF interpreter plugin
-- verbose error reporting
-Version 0.2
-- real daemon, we are forking now