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update changelog for version 1.00
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+Version 1.00 (2003-Mar-06)
+- update documentation to reflect recent additions
+- renamed LOCALTIME plugin to LOCAL plugin, since it now also returns
+ the hostname
+- cleanup #include statements
+- tcp.window is a 16bit value
+- always return tcp flags, even if they are not set [to not cause NULL entries
+ in the database table
+- cosmetic fixes to acommodate most compiler warnings
+- moved location of conffile.h and ulog.h
+- big update to ulogd_PGSQL.c
+- more verbose error reporting when unable to load plugin
+- print usage information
+- add '--configfile' directive to allow multiple instances with multiple
+ configfiles
Version 0.98
- Fix MAC address printing if there is none (by Andrej Ota)
- Add PostgreSQL support by Jakab Laszlo