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even more changes for 0.96
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Version 0.96
- support for old mysql versions (Alexander Janssen)
- support for dotted-quad IP addresses in MySQL (Alexander Janssen)
+- added support for synchronous write to LOGEMU (Michael Stolovitzsky)
- autoconf now checks for mysql .so libraries instead of static .a
- autoconf now includes /usr/src/linux/include, because most distros
now have a glibc-provided /usr/include/linux :(
- removed ./configure from CVS tree as it may cause inconsistencies
-- added support for synchronous write to LOGEMU (Michael Stolovitzsky)
+- better commented example configuration file
+- Makefiles now know DESTDIR (for RPM packaging)
+- documentation now built at release-time, not compile time
Version 0.95
- libipulog problems of 0.94 fixed