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sqlite3: remove automatic creation of table `daily'
This patch removes the creation of the `daily' table. Now, we assume that the table that we use are created before launching ulogd2. This code is broken because you have to specify in the configuration file that the table used is `daily', otherwise this `daily' table is created and dropped during the daemon starting, but not used. Moreover, the code explicit shows a message that it says: /* FIXME make this configurable */ So, I think that this patch is the way to go :-). This patch also documents the table creation in ulogd.sgml Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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You may want to have a look at the file '<tt>doc/sqlite3.table</tt>' as an
example table including fields to log all keys from Just delete
-the fields you are not interested in, and create the table.
+the fields you are not interested in, and create the table. This file contains
+two tables, one for packet-based logging and another for flow-based logging.
+To create the database file with the tables, you have to invoke the following
+command: <tt>sqlite3 ulogd.sqlite3db < sqlite3.table</tt>
+To check that we are logging stuff into it correctly:
+sqlite3 ulogd.sqlite3db "SELECT * from ulog_ct"
The module defines the following configuration directives: