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more details on netfilter patch-o-matic
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-<!-- $Id: ulogd.sgml,v 1.4 2001/05/20 13:50:05 laforge Exp $ -->
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<title>ULOGD - the Userspace Logging Daemon</title>
<author>Harald Welte &lt;</author>
-<date>Revision $Revision: 1.4 $, $Date: 2001/05/20 13:50:05 $</date>
+<date>Revision $Revision: 1.5 $, $Date: 2001/05/20 15:07:45 $</date>
This is the documentation for <tt>ulogd</tt>, the Userspace logging daemon.
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<sect1>Linux kernel
-First you will need a recent 2.4.x kernel. At the time this document was
-written, 2.4.0-test11-pre5 was the latest development version. Ulogd should
-work with all kernels &gt;= 2.4.0-test4.
+First you will need a recent 2.4.x kernel. If you have a kernel &gt;=
+2.4.18-pre8, it already has the kernel suport for ULOG (ipt_ULOG.o).
+If you have an older kernel version (between 2.4.0 and 2.4.18-pre6), you
+can use the patch-o-matic system of netfilter/iptables, as described in
+the following section.
-<sect1>netfilter / iptables
+<sect1>ipt_ULOG from netfilter/iptables patch-o-matic
-In addition you need the latest iptables package, or even better: the latest
-CVS snapshot. A description how to obtain this is provided on the netfilter
-homepage <URL URL="">.
+You only need to read this chapter if you have a 2.4.x kernel &lt;=
-ulogd is based on a special netfilter extension, called the netfilter ULOG
-target module. You have to patch this extension into your kernel, as it
-has not been integrated into the main kernel yet. To make this as easy
-as possible, netfilter provides the 'patch-o-matic' subsystem.
+In order to put the ipt_ULOG module into your kernel source,you need the latest
+iptables package, or even better: the latest CVS snapshot. A description how to
+obtain this is provided on the netfilter
+homepage <URL URL="">.
To run patch-o-matic, just type