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- add support for `-L --src-nat' and `-L --dst-nat' to show natted connections
- update conntrack(8) manpage
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@@ -107,13 +107,14 @@ This option is only required in conjunction with "-L, --dump". If this option is
.BI "-t, --timeout " "TIMEOUT"
Specify the timeout.
-.BI "-u, --status " "[ASSURED|SEEN_REPLY|UNSET|SRC_NAT|DST_NAT][,...]"
+.BI "-u, --status " "[ASSURED|SEEN_REPLY|UNSET][,...]"
Specify the conntrack status.
-.BI "-i, --id " "ID"
-Specify the conntrack ID.
-This option can only be used in conjunction with "-L, --dump" to display the conntrack IDs.
+.BI "-n, --src-nat "
+Filter source NAT connections.
+.BI "-g, --dst-nat "
+Filter destination NAT connections.
.BI "--tuple-src " IP_ADDRESS
Specify the tuple source address of an expectation.
@@ -144,6 +145,9 @@ Dump the connection tracking table in XML
.B conntrack \-L -f ipv6 -o extended
Only dump IPv6 connections in /proc/net/nf_conntrack format
+.B conntrack \-L --src-nat
+Dump source NAT connections
.B conntrack \-E \-o timestamp
Show connection events together with the timestamp