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o Add support to filter events. ie: -p tcp --orig-port-dst 80 in
conjuction with -E to get all the requests to HTTP servers o Update manpage o Missing static function declaration in the protocol handlers o Use protocol flags defined in libnetfilter_conntrack o Kill leftover #include "conntrack.h" in the ICMP helper o Bumped version to 0.991
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@@ -74,17 +74,11 @@ Flush the whole given table
Atomically zero counters after reading them. This option is only valid in
combination with the "-L, --dump" command options.
+.BI "-e, --event-mask " "[ALL|NEW|UPDATES|DESTROY][,...]"
Set the bitmask of events that are to be generated by the in-kernel ctnetlink
event code. Using this parameter, you can reduce the event messages generated
by the kernel to those types to those that you are actually interested in.
-Please note that this is a system-wide setting, so make sure to not disable some events that other ctnetlink-using processes might need!
-This option can only be used in conjunction with "-E, --event".
-.BI "-g, --group-mask " "[ALL|TCP|UDP|ICMP][,...]"
-Set the group bitmask to those netlink groups (resembling layer 4 protocols)
-that you're actually interested in.
This option can only be used in conjunction with "-E, --event".
@@ -106,11 +100,13 @@ Specify layer four (TCP, UDP, ...) protocol.
.BI "-t, --timeout " "TIMEOUT"
Specify the timeout.
+.BI "-u, --status " "[ASSURED|SEEN_REPLY|UNSET|SRC_NAT|DST_NAT][,...]"
Specify the conntrack status.
.BI "-i, --id " "ID"
-Specify the conntrack ID.
+Specify the conntrack ID.
+This option can only be used in conjunction with "-L, --dump" to display the conntrack IDs.
.BI "--tuple-src " IP_ADDRESS
Specify the tuple source address of an expectation.