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o Fixed syntax error (tab/space issue) in help message
o Fixed getopt handling on big endian machines o Fixed possible future read-over-end-of-array in TCP extension o Add manpage o Add missing space at output of libct_proto_icmp.c o Add status bits that were introduced in 2.6.11 o Add SCTP extension o Add support for expect creation o Bump version number to 0.63
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+This module matches on UDP-specific fields.
+.BI "--orig-port-src " "PORT"
+Source port in original direction
+.BI "--orig-port-dst " "PORT"
+Destination port in original direction
+.BI "--reply-port-src " "PORT"
+Source port in reply direction
+.BI "--reply-port-dst " "PORT"
+Destination port in reply direction