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helpers: Fix for warning when compiling against libtirpcHEADmaster
Fix for the following warning: In file included from rpc.c:29: /usr/include/tirpc/rpc/rpc_msg.h:214:52: warning: 'struct rpc_err' declared inside parameter list will not be visible outside of this definition or declaration 214 | extern void _seterr_reply(struct rpc_msg *, struct rpc_err *); | ^~~~~~~ Struct rpc_err is declared in rpc/clnt.h which also declares rpc_call(), therefore rename the local version. Fixes: 5ededc4476f27 ("conntrackd: search for RPC headers") Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <> Acked-by: Arturo Borrero Gonzalez <> Acked-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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