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author/C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Pablo Neira Ayuso/ </C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Pablo Neira Ayuso/>2008-01-22 01:25:34 +0000
committer/C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Pablo Neira Ayuso/ </C=EU/ST=EU/CN=Pablo Neira Ayuso/>2008-01-22 01:25:34 +0000
commit6174e60abbcdc5b62a52fc03c373cee0b77ebcbf (patch)
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Max Kellermann <>:
- Pass next_alarm to __run() only if there is an alarm - Eliminate the "timeout" parameter - the alarm functions get_next_alarm_run() and do_alarm_run() return an timeval pointer instead of a boolean
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/include/alarm.h b/include/alarm.h
index f0bbb95..3569025 100644
--- a/include/alarm.h
+++ b/include/alarm.h
@@ -26,8 +26,10 @@ void add_alarm(struct alarm_list *alarm, unsigned long sc, unsigned long usc);
void del_alarm(struct alarm_list *alarm);
-int get_next_alarm_run(struct timeval *next_alarm);
+struct timeval *
+get_next_alarm_run(struct timeval *next_alarm);
-int do_alarm_run(struct timeval *next_alarm);
+struct timeval *
+do_alarm_run(struct timeval *next_alarm);