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nfct: Update syntax to specify command before subsystem
This patch gets the nfct syntax in sync with nft so it looks like this: nfct <add|delete|...> object ... instead of: nfct object <add|delete|...> ... This patch retains backward compatibility so you can still use the old syntax. The manpage and tests have been also updated to promote the adoption of this syntax. We should have little existing clients of this tool as we can only use this to configure the cttimeout and cthelper infrastructures. Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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.\" Man page written by Pablo Neira Ayuso <> (Feb 2012)
-nfct \- command line tool to interact with the connection tracking system
+nfct \- command line tool to configure with the connection tracking system
-.BR "nfct subsystem command [parameters]"
+.BR "nfct command subsystem [parameters]"
.B nfct
-is the command line tool that allows you Netfilter's manipulate Connection Tracking System.
+is the command line tool that allows to configure the Connection Tracking
+.BI "list "
+List the existing objects.
+.BI "add "
+Add new object.
+.BI "delete "
+Delete an object.
+.BI "get "
+Get an existing object.
By the time this manpage has been written, the supported subsystem are
.B timeout
@@ -16,24 +30,14 @@ By the time this manpage has been written, the supported subsystem are
.BI "timeout "
The timeout subsystem allows you to define fine-grain timeout policies.
+.BI "helper "
+The helper subsystem allows you to configure userspace helpers.
.BI "version "
Displays the version information.
.BI "help "
Displays the help message.
-.BI "list "
-List the existing timeout policies.
-.BI "add "
-Add new timeout policy.
-.BI "delete "
-Delete timeout policy.
-.BI "get "
-Get existing timeout policy.
.B nfct timeout add test-tcp inet tcp established 100 close 10 close_wait 10