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o fix NAT filtering via --src-nat and --dst-nat (reported by K.Oledzki)
o recover the ID support o show display counters to stderr o enable filtering by status and ID
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+# create dummy
+conntrack -I -s -d -p tcp --sport 10 --dport 20 --state LISTEN -u SEEN_REPLY -t 50 ; OK
+# filter by source
+conntrack -L -s ; OK
+# filter by destination
+conntrack -L -d ; OK
+# filter by protocol
+conntrack -L -p tcp ; OK
+# filter by status
+conntrack -L -u SEEN_REPLY ; OK
+# filter by TCP protocol state
+conntrack -L -p tcp --state LISTEN ; OK
+# update mark of dummy conntrack
+conntrack -U -s -m 1 ; OK
+# filter by mark
+conntrack -L -m 1 ; OK
+# filter by layer 3 protocol
+conntrack -L -f ipv4 ; OK
+# delete dummy
+conntrack -D -d ; OK