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authorPablo Neira Ayuso <>2013-08-06 15:11:27 +0200
committerPablo Neira Ayuso <>2013-08-06 15:12:30 +0200
commite38ff8f127b61f879f57439e37c1ad9b9bc10a04 (patch)
tree5eb5e06b7f2607dec2ca6afcb75628551969ae22 /src
parent8e9906b69b03eb12fc75e857a347c4505332b820 (diff)
cthelper: fix IPv6 address and mask in newly created expectations
Set to zero the entire address if needed, not just 4 bytes. Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/src/expect.c b/src/expect.c
index 6069770..470b9ae 100644
--- a/src/expect.c
+++ b/src/expect.c
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ cthelper_expect_init(struct nf_expect *exp, struct nf_conntrack *master,
nfct_set_attr(expected, ATTR_IPV6_SRC, saddr->ip6);
for (i=0; i<4; i++)
- memset(addr, 0xffffffff, sizeof(uint32_t));
+ memset(&addr[i], 0xffffffff, sizeof(uint32_t));
nfct_set_attr_u8(mask, ATTR_L3PROTO, AF_INET6);
nfct_set_attr(mask, ATTR_IPV6_SRC, addr);
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ cthelper_expect_init(struct nf_expect *exp, struct nf_conntrack *master,
case AF_INET6:
for (i=0; i<4; i++)
- memset(addr, 0x00000000, sizeof(uint32_t));
+ memset(&addr[i], 0x00000000, sizeof(uint32_t));
nfct_set_attr_u8(expected, ATTR_L3PROTO, AF_INET6);
nfct_set_attr(expected, ATTR_IPV6_SRC, addr);