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<H1>Ebtables (Ethernet Bridge Tables) Frequently Asked Questions</H1>
<A name="top"></A>
- <P>Last modified: March 3, 2003</P>
+ <P>Last modified: April 15, 2003</P>
<LI><A href="#quiz0">Intro</A></LI>
@@ -221,6 +221,9 @@ ebtables2/kernel/scripts/CopyRep2.5
<B><A name="quiz3">Problems</A></B><BR>
+ <DT>My bridging box seems to drop all IP packets, which is not what I want and I'm sure my ebtables rules don't drop them.</DT>
+ <DD>Your iptables rules are probably dropping them then. On a Linux bridging firewall all bridge IP packets are seen by iptables,
+ so you should take that into account.</DD>
<DT>This stuff isn't working on my 64-bit machine with a 32-bit userspace (like the Sparc64)</DT>
<DD>We know. It's kind of hard to fix this without access to such a machine. The problem is caused by the
different word length between kernel and userspace.</DD>