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to do with the frame. So, if a BROUTING chain rule decided the frame should be routed, then
the ebtables PREROUTING chain won't see it. See the
<A href="">
- br_fw_ia</A> page for the details.</DD>
+ "ebtables/iptables interaction on a Linux-based bridge"</A> page for the details.</DD>
<DT>I'm using a 2.5.x or higher kernel and my iptables rules won't match on the bridge port
devices, what's wrong?</DT>
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corresponding userspace module is available in the iptables userspace tool. See the iptables
man pages and
-#iptables -m physdev -h
+# iptables -m physdev -h
The kernel module has to be compiled in the kernel, the option ``physdev match support'' will
appear under the ``IP netfilter configuration'' when the bridge is already enabled in the
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The most recent code is available at the <A href="">
sourceforge ebtables</A> CVS repository. To get a copy of the repository, do the following:
-#cvs login
-#cvs -z3 co ebtables2
+# cvs login
+# cvs -z3 co ebtables2
The current userspace code is in the ebtables2/userspace/ebtables2 directory. To compile the
CVS userspace tool you'll need to do the following:
-#make NONSTANDARD=y KERNEL_INCLUDES=/usr/src/linux/include/
-#make install
+# make NONSTANDARD=y KERNEL_INCLUDES=/usr/src/linux/include/
+# make install
Obviously you'll need to use the right kernel directory. Why is compiling the CVS different?
Because the kernel include files are not maintained in the userspace directory of the CVS.
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