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add ebtablesu scheme, along with general cleanup
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@@ -17,9 +17,13 @@ WHAT GETS INSTALLED?
The Makefile will append /man8/ebtables.8.
- ethertypes is by default placed in /etc/, if you
want to change this, include ETHERTYPESPATH=<<path>>.
-- the userspace program ebtables is compiled and the executable is copied
- by default to /usr/sbin/ebtables. If you want to put the executable
- somewhere else, include BINPATH=<<path>>.
+- The pipe used for communication by ebtablesd and ebtablesu is by
+ default the file /etc/ebtables-v$(PROGVERSION)/ebtablesd_pipe. To
+ change the directory, include PIPE_DIR=<<dir>>. There is no option
+ to change the name of the pipe.
+- the userspace programs ebtables ebtablesu and ebtablesd are compiled and
+ the executables are copied by default to /usr/sbin/ebtables. If you want
+ to put the executables somewhere else, include BINPATH=<<path>>.
That's all