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.BR iptables .
However, these
extensions deal with functionality supported by supplemental kernel modules.
+.SS 802.3
+Specify 802.3 DSAP/SSAP fields or SNAP type. These only work if the protocol equals
+.BR "LENGTH " (see " protocol " above).
+.BR "--802_3-sap " "[!] \fIsap\fP"
+DSAP and SSAP are two one byte 802.3 fields. The bytes are always
+equal, so only one byte (hexadecimal) is needed as an argument.
+.BR "--802_3-type " "[!] \fItype\fP"
+If the 802.3 DSAP and SSAP values are 0xaa then the SNAP type field must
+be consulted to determine the payload protocol. This is a two byte
+(hexadecimal) argument. Only 802.3 frames with DSAP/SSAP 0xaa are
+checked for type.
.SS arp
Specify arp fields. These will only work if the protocol equals
.BR ARP " or " RARP .