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* name_to_number()Bart De Schuymer2002-06-261-4/+5
* Minor logic changes, comments, minor fixesfnm32002-06-251-60/+102
* minor bugfixBart De Schuymer2002-06-251-2/+2
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-06-237-13/+19
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-06-232-5/+5
* print jumps to user defined chain properlyBart De Schuymer2002-06-231-0/+8
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-06-231-3/+3
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2002-06-237-51/+50
* permute includes to get this to compileBart De Schuymer2002-06-161-6/+5
* Missed #include <linux/netfilter_bridge/ebt_vlan.h>fnm32002-06-151-0/+1
* New parameter definitions adddedfnm32002-06-141-24/+95
* use ether_ntoa() and ether_aton() library functionsBart De Schuymer2002-06-051-10/+9
* Initial revisionBart De Schuymer2002-06-0111-0/+1537