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+Original changelog as ippool:
+- Fixed missing kfree(pool) (Martin Josefsson)
+- Added libipt_pool.c and libipt_POOL.c (Martin Josefsson)
+- Passes pointers to skb's around instead of ip's in the (Martin Josefsson)
+ kernel modules.
+- Added a new pooltype, macipmap, which matches ip's (Martin Josefsson)
+ against macaddresses.
+- Cleaned up a lot of typedefs. (Martin Josefsson)
+- Fixed an unlocking of the wrong lock. (Martin Josefsson)
+- Fixed a refcount bug when allocated memory was too (Martin Josefsson)
+ small.
+- Fixed a free() of unallocated memory. (Martin Josefsson)
+- Switched from kmalloc/kfree to vmalloc/vfree for (Martin Josefsson)
+ pool-listings/additions.
+- Changed the API between userspace modules and base. (Joakim Axelsson)
+ Moved the memberdata pointer to module self.
+ As a result of this Protocolversion is increased to 4.
+- Fixed problems with crashing null-pooltype (Joakim Axelsson)
+- Fixed problems with compiling warnings (Joakim Axelsson)
+ in null pooltype.
+- Changed the listing to use getsockopt. (Joakim Axelsson)
+ /proc is left for debuging purpose.
+ This is a mayor change.
+ Protocolversion is increased to 3
+- Added support for --quiet (Joakim Axelsson)
+- Added support for --sorted (Joakim Axelsson)
+- Added support for --numeric (Joakim Axelsson)
+- Added support for --exact (Joakim Axelsson)
+- Added -Z (Zero) which zero's the counter (Joakim Axelsson)
+ on one or all pools.
+- Added support for --debug that prints all debug-messages (Joakim Axelsosn)
+ in userspace. Need to be compiled with
+- Added null pooltype. For demostration and (Joakim Axelsson)
+ pooltype skeleton mostly
+- Fixed bug with possibly renaming to an already (Joakim Axelsson)
+ existing pool.
+- Change error to OTHER_PROBLEM on add and del IP. (Joakim Axelsson)
+- Better handling of references (Patrick Schaaf)
+- Various bugfixes (Patrick Schaaf)
+- Cleaning up the code in kernelspace (Patrick Schaaf)
+- Rewrote the entrie system. Modulized it. (Joakim Axelsson)