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authorJozsef Kadlecsik <>2010-01-24 15:49:16 +0100
committerJozsef Kadlecsik <>2010-01-24 15:49:16 +0100
commit584e8d0604a55fcda68848bef82a2954d8af71f5 (patch)
treeaef63f4901d1a68e65d84a23646ac487a809e24f /kernel/ip_set_nethash.c
parentc896b069e6c9cd229119a791c51d19e8f11c853c (diff)
New version 4.2 released:v4.2
kernel: - nethash and ipportnethash types counted every entry twice which could produce bogus entries when listing/saving these types of sets (bug reported by Husnu Demir) userspace: - Checking null entries when listing/saving hash types of sets deleted because it's unnecessary and can mask possible errors.
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diff --git a/kernel/ip_set_nethash.c b/kernel/ip_set_nethash.c
index bf87f5c..e3b09e0 100644
--- a/kernel/ip_set_nethash.c
+++ b/kernel/ip_set_nethash.c
@@ -136,7 +136,6 @@ nethash_add(struct ip_set *set, ip_set_ip_t ip, uint8_t cidr)
if (ret == 0) {
if (!map->nets[cidr-1]++)
add_cidr_size(map->cidr, cidr);
- map->elements++;
return ret;