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Support listing setnames and headers too
Current listing makes possible to list sets with full content only. The patch adds support partial listings, i.e. listing just the existing setnames or listing set headers, without set members.
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+++ b/src/ipset.8
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ ipset \(em administration tool for IP sets
COMMANDS := { \fBcreate\fR | \fBadd\fR | \fBdel\fR | \fBtest\fR | \fBdestroy\fR | \fBlist\fR | \fBsave\fR | \fBrestore\fR | \fBflush\fR | \fBrename\fR | \fBswap\fR | \fBhelp\fR | \fBversion\fR | \fB\-\fR }
-\fIOPTIONS\fR := { \fB\-exist\fR | \fB\-output\fR { \fBplain\fR | \fBsave\fR | \fBxml\fR } | \fB\-quiet\fR | \fB\-resolve\fR | \fB\-sorted\fR }
+\fIOPTIONS\fR := { \fB\-exist\fR | \fB\-output\fR { \fBplain\fR | \fBsave\fR | \fBxml\fR } | \fB\-quiet\fR | \fB\-resolve\fR | \fB\-sorted\fR | \fB\-name\fR | \fB\-terse\fR }
\fBipset\fR \fBcreate\fR \fISETNAME\fR \fITYPENAME\fR [ \fICREATE\-OPTIONS\fR ]
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ Destroy the specified set or all the sets if none is given.
If the set has got reference(s), nothing is done and no set destroyed.
-\fBlist\fP [ \fISETNAME\fP ]
+\fBlist\fP [ \fISETNAME\fP ] [ \fIOPTIONS\fP ]
List the header data and the entries for the specified set, or for
all sets if none is given. The
@@ -120,8 +120,13 @@ type supports the operation). The option
can be used to control the format of the listing:
\fBplain\fR, \fBsave\fR or \fBxml\fR.
-The default is
+(The default is
+If the option
+is specified, just the names of the existing sets are listed. If the option
+is specified, just the set names and headers are listed.
\fBsave\fP [ \fISETNAME\fP ]
Save the given set, or all sets if none is given
@@ -190,6 +195,13 @@ DNS lookups.
\fB\-s\fP, \fB\-sorted\fP
Sorted output. When listing sets entries are listed sorted. Not supported yet.
+\fB\-n\fP, \fB\-name\fP
+List just the names of the existing sets, i.e. suppress listing of set headers and members.
+\fB\-t\fP, \fB\-terse\fP
+List the set names and headers, i.e. suppress listing of set members.
A set type comprises of the storage method by which the data is stored and
the data type(s) which are stored in the set. Therefore the