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The ipset_list tool is added
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+ipset set listing wrapper script
+(in addition to the native ipset options)
+- Calculate sum of set members (and match on that count).
+- List only members of a specified set.
+- Choose a delimiter character for separating members.
+- Show only sets containing a specific (glob matching) header.
+- Arithmetic comparison on headers with an integer value.
+- Match members using a globbing or regex pattern.
+- Suppress listing of (glob matching) sets.
+- Suppress listing of (glob matching) headers.
+- Suppress listing of members matching a glob or regex pattern.
+- Calculate the total size in memory of all matching sets.
+- Calculate the amount of matching, excluded and traversed sets.
+- Colorize the output.
+- Operate on a single, selected, or all sets.
+- `ipset_list` - no args, just list set names
+- `ipset_list -c` - show all set names and their member sum
+- `ipset_list -t` - show all sets, but headers only
+- `ipset_list -c -t setA` - show headers and member sum of setA
+- `ipset_list -i setA` - show only members entries of setA
+- `ipset_list -c -m setA setB` - show members and sum of setA & setB
+- `ipset_list -a -c -d :` - show all sets members, sum and use `:' as entry delimiter
+- `ipset_list -a -c setA` - show all info of setA and its members sum
+- `ipset_list -c -m -d $'\n' setA` - show members and sum of setA, delim with newline
+- `ipset_list -m -r -s setA` - show members of setA resolved and sorted
+- `ipset_list -Fi References:0` - show all sets with 0 references
+- `ipset_list -Hr 0` - shortcut for -Fi References:0
+- `ipset_list -Ht "!(hash:ip)"` - show sets which are not of type hash:ip
+- `ipset_list -Ht "!(bitmap:*)"` - show sets wich are not of any bitmap type
+- `ipset_list -Cs -Ht "hash:*"` - find sets of any hash type, count their amount.
+- `ipset_list -Ts` - show all set names and total count of sets.
+- `ipset_list -Tm` - calculate total size in memory of all sets.
+- `ipset_list -Xs setA -Xs setB` - show all set names, but exclude setA and setB.
+- `ipset_list -Xs "set[AB]"` - show all set names, but exclude setA and setB.
+- `ipset_list -Mc 0` - show sets with zero members
+- `ipset_list -Mc '>=100'` - show sets with a member count greater or equal to 100
+- `ipset_list -Hr \>=1 -Hv 0 -Hs \>10000` - find sets with at least one reference, revision of 0 and size in memory greater than 10000
+- `ipset_list -i -Fr "^210\..*" setA` - show only members of setA matching the regex "^210\\..*"
+- `ipset_list -a -c -Fh "Type:hash:ip" -Fr "^210\..*"` - show all information of sets with type hash:ip, matching the regex "^210\\..*", show match and members sum
+- `ipset_list -Fh Type:hash:ip -Fh "Header:family inet *"` - show all set names, which are of type hash:ip and header of ipv4.
+- `ipset_list -t -Xh "Revision:*" -Xh "References:*"` - show all sets headers, but exclude Revision and References entries.
+- `ipset_list -c -m -Xg "210.*" setA` - show members of setA, but suppress listing of entries matching the glob pattern "210.*", show count of excluded and total members.
+- `ipset_list -m -Fg "!(210.*)" setA` - show members of setA excluding the elements matching the negated glob.
+- `ipset_list -a -Xh "@(@(H|R|M)e*):*"` - show all info of all sets, but suppress Header, References, Revision and Member header entries (headers existing as per ipset 6.x -> tested version).
+- `ipset_list -t -Tm -Xh "@(Type|Re*|Header):*"` - show all sets headers, but suppress all but name and memsize entry, calculate the total memory size of all sets.
+- `ipset_list -t -Tm -Xh "!(Size*|Type):*" -Ts -Co` List all sets headers, but suppress all but name, type and memsize entry,
+ count amount of sets, calculate total memory usage, colorize the output.
+- `ipset_list -t -Ht "!(@(bit|port)map):*" -Xh "!(Type):*"` - show all sets that are neither of type bitmap or portmap, suppress all but the type header.
+- `ipset_list -c -t -Cs -Ts -Xh "@(Size*|Re*|Header):*" -Ht "!(bitmap:*)"` - find all sets not of any bitmap type, count their members sum, display only the 'Type' header, count amount of matching and traversed sets.
+- `ipset_list -Co -c -Ts -Tm` - show all set names, count their members, count total amount of sets, show total memory usage of all sets, colorize the output
+- `ipset_list -m -r -To 0` - show members of all sets, try to resolve hosts, set the timeout to 0 (effectivly disabling it).