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+ - memory allocation bug in iphash and nethash in connection with the SET
+ target was fixed (bug reported by Nikolai Malykh)
+ - lockhelp.h was removed from the 2.6.13 kernel tree, ip_set.c is
+ updated accordingly (Cardoso Didier, Samir Bellabes)
+ - manpage is updated to clearly state the command order in restore mode
- Jiffies rollover bug in ip_set_iptree reported and fixed by Rob Nielsen
- Compiler warning in the non-SMP case fixed (Marcus Sundberg)
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+- rewrite kernel-userspace communication from sockopt to netlink
+- IPv6 support
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@@ -118,6 +118,11 @@ is specified to stdout in a format that --restore can read.
.BI "-R, --restore "
Restore a saved session generated by --save. The saved session
can be fed from stdin.
+When generating a session file please note that the supported commands
+(create set, add element, bind) must appear in a strict order: first create
+the set, then add all elements. Then create the next set, add all its elements
+and so on. Finally you can append all binding commands.
.BI "-A, --add " "\fIsetname\fP \fIIP\fP"
Add an IP to a set.