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@@ -33,14 +33,57 @@ icmp[6] types and interface names when adding, deleting or testing elements.
- Complete on filenames if the current option requires it.
- Complete variable names and command substitution.
- Do not complete if an invalid combination of options is used.
-- Do not complete if an invalid value of an option argument is detected.
+- Optionally do not complete if an invalid value of an option argument is detected.
- Environment variables allow to modify completion behaviour.
-Put it into ~/.bash_completion or /etc/bash_completion.d/.
+Quote from bash-completion README:
+ Install it in one of the directories pointed to by
+ bash-completion's pkgconfig file variables. There are two
+ alternatives: the recommended one is 'completionsdir' (get it with
+ "pkg-config --variable=completionsdir bash-completion") from which
+ completions are loaded on demand based on invoked commands' names,
+ so be sure to name your completion file accordingly, and to include
+ for example symbolic links in case the file provides completions
+ for more than one command. The other one which is present for
+ backwards compatibility reasons is 'compatdir' (get it with
+ "pkg-config --variable=compatdir bash-completion") from which files
+ are loaded when bash_completion is loaded.
+ For packages using GNU autotools the installation can be handled
+ for example like this in
+ PKG_CHECK_VAR(bashcompdir, [bash-completion], [completionsdir], ,
+ bashcompdir="${sysconfdir}/bash_completion.d")
+ AC_SUBST(bashcompdir)
+ ...accompanied by this in
+ bashcompdir = @bashcompdir@
+ dist_bashcomp_DATA = # completion files go here
+ For cmake we ship the bash-completion-config.cmake and
+ bash-completion-config-version.cmake files. Example usage:
+ find_package(bash-completion)
+ message(STATUS
+ "Using bash completion dir ${BASH_COMPLETION_COMPLETIONSDIR}")
+ else()
+ set (BASH_COMPLETION_COMPLETIONSDIR "/etc/bash_completion.d")
+ message (STATUS
+ "Using fallback bash completion dir ${BASH_COMPLETION_COMPLETIONSDIR}")
+ endif()
+ install(FILES your-completion-file DESTINATION
+For backwards compatibility it is still possible
+to put it into ~/.bash_completion or /etc/bash_completion.d/.
To make tab completion more handsome put the following into either
@@ -113,6 +156,7 @@ which will be used for hostname completion.
For all *net* type of sets and the hash:ip,mark set type, if hostname completion is attempted,
if the environment variable **_IPSET_COMP_NETWORKS** is set to a non-empty value,
networks are retrieved from /etc/networks.
+Means these two commands disable it: `_IPSET_COMP_NETWORKS=` or `_IPSET_COMP_NETWORKS=""`
Also a list of ip addresses can be supplied using the environment variable
**_IPSET_IPLIST_FILE**. Which should point to a file containing an ip address per line.
@@ -139,13 +183,15 @@ the list of possible completions (this is the default).
-When adding elements to a **bitmap:ip,mac** type of set,
-the environment variable **_IPSET_MACLIST_FILE** will be queried
+When completing on MAC addresses (bitmap:ip,mac, hash:mac type of set),
+the environment variable **_IPSET_MAC_COMPL_MODE** is queried to decide how to complete.
+If set to 'file' the variable **_IPSET_MACLIST_FILE** will be queried
for a file containing a list of mac addresses.
The file should contain one mac address per line.
Empty lines and comments (also after the address) are supported.
-If the variable is unset mac addresses are fetched from arp cache,
-/etc/ethers and the output of `ip link show`.
+If the variable **_IPSET_MAC_COMPL_MODE** is set to 'system' mac addresses are fetched
+from arp cache, /etc/ethers and the output of `ip link show`.
+If the variable is unset or set to 'both' (default) both methods are used).
@@ -168,8 +214,8 @@ In that case it is recommended to disable input validation (see below).
-If the environment variable **_IPSET_VALIDATE_INPUT** is set to a non empty value
-validation of users input is disabled.
+If the environment variable **_IPSET_VALIDATE_INPUT** is defined and set to a non empty value
+validation of users input is enabled.
@@ -183,7 +229,7 @@ Compatibility
Compatible with ipset versions 6+.
-Tested with ipset v6.20.1.
+Tested with ipset v6.24, v6.27.
bash v4+ is required.